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How it works

  1. Seller logs into our system

    Seller has an account in our system.

  2. Seller submits an invoice

    Seller submits invoice details in EasyT pratform, and waits for confirmation.

  3. EasyT checks invoice details

    EasyT platform administrators carefully check invoice details.

  4. Investors participate in auction, seller receives cash

    Investors participates in seller's invoice auction. Highest bid wins an auction. Seller gets money transfer 2 hours after auction end.


Invoice amount Paid to seller Interest rate Period
€1 000.00 €985.87 (98.587%) 16.325% 49 d.
  • Quick and flexible

    Same day payments are available if the buyer accepts the invoice.

  • Best price

    Investors are competing for your invoice and this ensures that you will get the best price.

  • Small fee

    No hidden fees and obligations. Seller is charged only up to 0.4 % fee on the invoice sold through the system.

  • Confidential

    We value your privacy. Only basic invoice information and the company the invoice is presented for is disclosed.

For investors


For sellers

0,8-1,4% monthly + other fees
  • Contract needed
  • Go to bank for start
  • Transaction limits
  • Sureties, pledges required
  • Cash disbursement 80-85%
1-2% for 30-45 day invoice
  • No contract
  • Start online
  • Unlimited volume
  • No pledges
  • Cash disbursement 99%
Invoice value
Due date
Receive on sale
No need to wait for the due date

Total freedom

Unlike banks and some other invoice financing providers we do not restrict you with contractual agreements. You have a complete control and freedom. You choose how much and when you would like to sell your company’s invoices. Allow your business to grow by speeding up the cash flow.

About us

Mark Binder

I have a long and successful experience developing small and medium businesses. This experience gave me a first-hand experience of difficulties small and medium business have to encounter dealing with banks and other financial institutions. The main goal of this website is to be the most flexible and convenient way for business people like You to get financing You require quickly and easy. EasyT allows companies to grow by speeding up the cash flow and gives investors safe place to earn good return on their investment. Our team created the most convenient platform both for businesses and for investors. Team behind EasyT has an extensive experience in IT, banking and management of bad assets. This experience allowed us to create platform which helps companies grow by accelerating the cash flow and solving cash flow issues as well as gives investors opportunity to earn a good return safely while helping others.